I have a true passion for the shooting sports. Specifically competitive action pistol shooting. In addition to the obvious benefit of being fun in the extreme, I believe these sports can teach us valuable life skills such as: discipline, sportsmanship, ambition to excel, positive mental attitude and of course the ability to defend one's self and family.

Shooting resume:

- USPSA 2 Division Master in Production and Limited

- IDPA Master in Enhanced Service Pistol

- NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

- Maryland State Police Qualified Handgun Instructor

- 4 Years as Firearms Instructor with Dynamic Defense Concepts

- 1 Year as Firearms Instructor with Israeli Tactical School


- 2018 LtCol “Matt” Matthys USMC lvl 2 IDPA Match: 2nd Place Enhanced Service Pistol Master

- 2017 Virginia IDPA Indoor Regionals: Match Champion

- 2016 PA State IDPA Championship: 2nd Place Stock Service Pistol Expert

- 2016 Keystone Cup: High Industry Award

- 2016 Patriot Match: 2nd Place Stock Service Pistol Expert

- 2015 Patriot Match: 1st Place Enhanced Service Pistol Expert

- 2015 Think of the Children Benefit Match: High Industry Award

Has received Training from:

- World Champion Robert Vogel

- USPSA Grand Master Steve Anderson

- Suarez International